Cheshire_Cat is a huge attention seeking user lel on the ThirdStyle rhythm gaming website and has been active since October 2011. After joining the website, playing the game and visiting the forums, she realized that she prefered the community over the game. With few pictures and low scores, she is not the best player, but certainly known by a majority of the TS community. In addition, she also has two alternative accounts that are not active: Zeldagurlfan1 and cat. These alt accounts were made in specifics to the community chat's "set me" feature.


Profile Information

Age: 420; Female; Celadon City '(Last Updated:Nov.17, 2012)

Chat Information

Username colour: white; Text colour: white; Set me quote: undecided


Cheshire_cat can also be found under Zeldagurlfan1 on other rhythm gaming websites, such as Flash Flash Revolution. Her FFR profile is set to private.

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