Ye boi 420 big doc noc in da house


  • Name: Shaun
  • Usernames:
    • FlashFlashRevolution: Mapleleaf2012 (2006-2007), RB_Mapleleaf2012 (2007- 2009), NocturneAunamic (2009-Present)
    • Thirdstyle: Nocturne (Dec. 17th, 2010 - Present)
  • SuperAdmin on (Username: Nocturne)
  • Birthday: July 1st, 1993
    • OVERALL AVERAGE ACCURACY [3rd Place - 98.702%]
    • OVERALL FULL COMBOS' '[6th Place - 751 Total]
    • OVERALL AAA's' [18th Place - 288 Total]
    • OVERALL HIGHSCORES [3rd Place - 633,051,394]
    • TROPHY STATS [1st Place - 89 Trophies]
    • SIMFILES [6th Place - 77 Charts In-Game]
    • DESIGNER [1st Place - 41 Song BGs In-Game]
    • PROLIFIC POSTERS [1st Place - 1343 Forum Posts]
    • Best Poster 2012
    • Most Helpful Poster 2012
    • Best Chatter 2012
    • Most Active 2012 (Tied with Bloodyy for 1st)
    • Best Simfile 2012 (with Cirno's Perfect Math Class)
    • Best Stepper 2012
    • Next Admin 2012
    • Nicest All Around Member 2012 (Tied with Awein999 for 1st)
    • Best Mod 2012
    • Most Interesting Member 2012 (Tied with Awein999 for 1st)
    • Best Thread 2011 (with Noc's Art)
  • Thirdstyle Titles:
    • Super Moderator
    • Simfiler
    • Designer
    • StepCloud Mod

Song Charts / 77Edit


The New York Chainsaw Massacre Pt. II [B, E, M, H]

Sun Makina [B, E, M, H]

Hinarin's Relation of Misfortune [B, E, M, H]

Midnight Lightning Bolt [B, E, M, H]

ASDFSong [B, E, M, H]

Snoop Dogg's Smoke-Out!!! [B, E, M, H]

Euphoria [as KaW ft. Smiley] [B, E, M, H]

Time To Body Wash [B, E, M, H]

The Oath [B, E, M, H]

Dearly Beloved [B, E, M, H]

SuperExciteBike [B, E, M, H]

Bloody Tears [B, E, M, H]

The Air I Breathe [B, E, M, H]

Cirno's Perfect Math Class [B, E, M, H]

Chinter's Will [B, E, M]

The Final Conflict [B, E, M, H]

La Da Da (Remix) [B, E, M, H]

Closure [B, E, M, H]

With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear [B, E, M, H]

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