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The first known screencap of photo spam.

On 11/17/12, Vote4Nixon added a set of trophies called "Photogenic." The trophies were for how many photos a user would upload to their account. The crystal level called for uploading 300 photos. Many users started uploading many photos, and so, it began.

It BeginsEdit

Shiki, very soon, started abusing the system. Soon, Shiki and other members of the site started overloading Skynet by uploading far too many photos or far too many copies of the same photo. At first, this amused members, who gave messages such as "LMFAO" and "DAFUQ." Powerstars took a picture of the first instance, as he thought it would make a funny picture in it's own right. Eventually, the strings of Skynet's "(Username) just uploaded a photo" began getting longer and more frequent. And so, it continued.

It ContinuesEdit

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The incident reaches it's climax, filling up an entire page of the chat.

The incident grew very quickly, only allowing 1-10 messages in between Skynet's insane strings of text. Eventually, Skynet became so overloaded that it became less frequent. Vote4Nixon disabled and re-enabled photo uploading several times. The front page's "Recent Photos" tab was also noticably spammed with several copies of the same photo, mainly Jonny's photo of a nerd with red eyes. People were panicking, but none knew what to do. Eventually, it calmed down to the point where an average of 5-8 Skynet messages were posted, and it wasn't very frequent. The images at this point were mainly posted by Jonny, Shiki, Nocturne, and Powerstars, who was posted pictures of the incident. It was left to fizzle out. Before it was over, Isk coined the term, "The Great Photo Spam Calamity Of 2012."

It EndsEdit

As mentioned above, it fizzled out after a while. Eventually, Nixon stopped disabling and re-enabling the photo uploads. By the time it was over, 15 pictures were taken of the event, including one of the front page. The incident is blamed on the ridiculous standards of uploading 300 pictures.

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